Community Transportation

Welcome to the Pacific/Algona Community Transportation program!

This is a new rideshare pilot program brought to Pacific and Algona neighborhoods by King County Metro, in partnership with the City of Pacific and City of Algona to provide community members with a new way to share the ride.  This service provides shared rides, either one-time or recurring, to popular destinations and are available throughout the day, evening, and on weekends to provide residents with customized options for getting around when bus service can't meet their needs.  Trips must be scheduled in advance through a local Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC).

How it works?

  • Community members travel together to local destinations throughout the day, evening and weekends.
  • Group trips and stops are preplanned ahead of time by the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC).
  • Riders contact their CTC to find a pre-scheduled community van trip or to request a new trip.
  • Trips must have at least two passengers in addition to the volunteer driver; each rider will pay a Metro one-zone fare for the round trip while the driver travels for free.
  • Riders request a trip through the listed trip contact or CTC.
  • Riders can suggest a trip they know is popular with their friends and neighbors.
  • Accessible community vans are available upon request. Inform the CTC about your needs before your trip.
Contact the Community Transportation Coordinator if you are interested in becoming a driver or to set-up a ride! Email or call (253) 833-2742.

Public Transportation

dart_sideview_outlined_610x258Algona/Pacific/South Auburn accessible dial-a-ride transit (DART) offers you two transportation services: fixed and (limited) variable routing. Route 917 provides DART service in portions of the Pacific /Algona /Lakeland Hills area at the following times:

  • Monday thru Friday (except holidays): 5 AM – 7 PM
  • Saturday: 8:30 AM – 5 PM
In addition, Route 917 provides DART service (deviations from the fixed route by request) in the portions of Algona/Pacific/South Auburn that are shaded on the map. During certain morning and afternoon commute trips (see schedule for times) service is provided to the Social Security Administration offices, but other deviations will be limited in order to stay on schedule. DART service to the Lakeland Hills area is not available during the morning and afternoon commute hours.