Emergency Operations Plan

City of Pacific’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) 2021

The City’s CEMP can be found by clicking this link. City of Pacific’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) 2021

Winter Weather Information

winter windForecasters at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are predicting warmer than normal winter temperatures and are of mixed opinion whether or not Western Washington will have some rain or a lot of rain this winter. With this level of uncertainty it is important for the City to pay close attention to the local weather forecasts. From these forecasts, the City makes decisions how to prepare and respond to local weather events. 

Sometimes you may hear weather forecasters say that there is a winter storm “warning” or a flood “watch” in effect, but what exactly does that mean? In general, the difference can be described as follows:

WARNING: Danger is imminent or highly likely, time to take action

ADVISORY: Dangerous condition is likely, avoid danger area and stay informed

WATCH: Danger level not yet known, stay alert for more information

Knowing the meaning of these terms can help you, just as it does the City, prepare for different winter weather events.

Here are a few simple steps that can help you be better prepared for whatever Old Man Winter throws our way this season:

  • Check the forecast at www.weather.gov and follow National Weather Services (NWS) on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Check a local news station to make sure you have the latest weather news.
  • At home: have an Emergency Preparedness Kit with a minimum of three days of food, water, and seven days of prescription medications. 
  • Make sure your cell phone is fully charged when a storm is approaching and also anytime you’re planning to leave the house. It could become your life-line should disaster strike.
Additional resources to help you become better prepared for winter weather and other emergency events can be found at:

In the event flooding conditions become more severe, the City of Pacific will activate their Emergency Operations Center (EOC). If activated, the number to call for further information is 253-939-1128. This number will only live when the EOC is activated. Once activated, the notification number will be posted on a reader board located at the north entrance of Butte and White River Drive, the Police Department reader board and a public announcement via a patrol car exterior speaker in your neighborhood. A dedicated call receiver will be present in the Emergency Operations Center to provide you with updated information as it become available. Once deactivated, we will notify you on the reader boards and via a patrol car PA system in your neighborhood.

The City recognizes that flooding events can be both dangerous and scary. However, together we will get through these difficulties and challenges. We thank you for your cooperation, patience, and understanding the the City is giving its best efforts on your behalf.