Pet License

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In accordance with PMC 6.05.030, all dogs and cats seven months of age or older which are harbored, kept or maintained in the city shall be licensed by the city annually on a schedule established by the animal control authority.

Licensing your pet is easy! The City of Pacific contracts with Metro Animal Services for pet licensing. Metro Animal Services maintain all pet licensing records.

Animal Licenses for cats and dogs of City residents can be purchased/renewed in the following ways:

  1. Licensing by Mail: Make check payable to Metro Animal Services and mail to: 1104 Maple Street, Ste. 240  Sumner, WA 98390
  2. Licensing Online:
  3. Licensing In Person: Make check payable to City of Pacific and visit the Utility desk at Pacific City Hall located at: 100 3rd Ave SE, Pacific

The Animal License Application form is available to download here or by visiting the Metro Animal Services website:

To report an incident/concern, schedule a visit, or ask questions, please call 253-299-PETS (7387).

For general inquiries and licensing questions, please email Metro Animal Services at (Please do not use email to report incidents.)


If your pet has been altered (spayed or neutered), please bring proof of alteration when paying in person to receive the discounted rate.

If your pet has been microchipped, please provide a copy of your microchip registration.

Annual Fees:
Altered Dog: $20*
Altered Cat: $12*
Unaltered Dog/Cat: $60
Owners 65+ or disabled Veterans:
Altered Dog: $8* Altered Cat: $6*
Unaltered Dog/Cat: $30

For new licenses, proof of alteration must be provided in order to receive the appropriate rate. You can obtain proof from the veterinarian who performed the surgery. Renewals do not need to include proof (unless there is a change in status).